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20 Dec


Brahmanas are prose texts explaining the meaning of hymns of Vedas, giving their applications and stories of their origin and composers
Aranya means forest Aranyakas were written in forests for the hermits and students of the Vedas They are actually the concluding parts of Brahamans and their content focuses on philosophy and mysticism rather than rites, ritual and sacrifices Their stress is on moral values They form a bridge between Karma of Brahamans and Gyana of Upanishads
Upanishad means to sit down near someone They denote students sitting near their Guru to learn Thus, Upanishads are treatises of teachings of Gurus to their pupils They specify philosophical knowledge and spiritual learning The main motto of the Upanishads is “Knowledge Awards Salvation” Upanishadas are called the end of Vedas (Vedanta) because they denote the last phase of Vedic period and also reveal the final aim of Veda

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