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26 Dec


Hindu philosophy is traditionally divided into six āstika (orthodox) schools of thought, or darśanam, which accept the Vedas as supreme revealed scriptures The āstika schools are:
Samkhya, an atheistic and strongly dualist theoretical exposition of consciousness and matter
Yoga, a school emphasizing meditation, contemplation and liberation
Nyaya or logic, explores sources of knowledge (Nyāya Sūtras)
Vaisheshika, an empiricist school of atomism
Mimā sā, an anti-ascetic and anti-mysticist school of orthopraxy
Vedanta, the last segment of knowledge in the Vedas, or the ‘Jnan’ (knowledge) ‘Kanda’ (section) Vedanta came to be the dominant current of Hinduism in the post-medieval period
Of the historical division into six darsanas, only two schools, Vedanta and Yoga,

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