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26 Dec


Literally means recursion It is based on texts known as the Nyaya Sutras, which were written by Aksapada Gautama from around the 2nd century AD Nyaya Sutras say that there are four means of attaining valid knowledge: perception, inference, comparison, and verbal testimony
It was proposed by Maftarisfti Kanaad It postulates that all objects in the physical universe are reducible to a finite number of atoms The school deals in detail with “Padarth” or Matter
Samkya or Samkhya means Enumeration The founder of the Sankya school of Philosophy was Maftarisfti Kapil The school denies the “existence of God” and postulated that there are two realities Purusha and Prakriti Purusha is the consciousness and Prakriti is the phenomenal realm of matter

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