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02 Jan

Indra was conceived as a warlike deity, battling with the clouds, called Vritra, to obtain copious torrents of rain for man, and fighting with the demons of darkness, calledPanis, to restore to the world the light of the morning The Maruts or storm-gods were supposed to help Indra in his contest with the reluctant clouds, for in India the first showers of the rainy season are often attended with storms and thunder
Thus, Indra was the most important divinity and was lord of war 250 hymns have been devoted to only Indra in Rig Veda, which is highest for any of the Gods His other names are:
Car-warrior (Rathestha)
A winner ( Jitendra)
Soma Drinker (Somapa)
Indra is mentioned as son of Dyaus He killed a demon Vritra, so he is known as Vritrahan He destroyed the forts of Dasyus, so also known as Purandhar He held the thunderbolt (Vajra) with which he destroyed the enemies His wife is Indrani or Sachi (energy)
Aditi, Sun, Savithri
Next to the sky, the sun was the most prominent object of the worship of the ancient Hindus Aditi was the limitless light of sky, and her sons, the Adityas were the suns of the different months of the year Surya was coterminous with Greek Helios, the Latin Sol, and the Teuton Tyr

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