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02 Jan

Dyus-Pitr, Mithra, Varuna

Dyus-Pitr, Mithra, Varuna
The Aryans looked up to the bright sky and worshipped it under the name of Dyu or Dyaus This term is equivalent to the Greek Zeus and the first syllable of the Jupiter It is also similar toTiu of the Saxons and the Zio of the Germans
These common names under which the sky-god was worshipped by the different cultures of ancient times prove that the sky was worshipped under these names by the primitive Aryans in their original home
So, earliest divine power in Vedic literature is Dyaus Dyaus was referred as Dyaus Pitr, which later became Ju-piter Pitr means Prithvi and Dyaus was coupled with prithivi and the two Dyaus-Prithivi are the universal parents
Rig-Vedic Aryans called the sky of day as Mithra corresponding to the Zend Mithra; and they called the sky of night Varuna, corresponding to the Greek Ouranos
Varuna, apart from being the god of the sky, is also the god of law of nature Rta Varuna is also lord of the Patal Loka (nether world) He is one of the most prominent gods in the Rig-Veda, and lord of the heavens and the earth
Indra and Marut
While the Hindu Aryans of the Punjab continued to worship the ancient sky-god under the ancient names of Dyu, Mitra, and Varuna, they paid special homage to the sky that rains, which they called Indra Rise of rivers and the luxuriance of crops depend on the rain-giving sky; and in course of time, Indra became the most prominent deity in the Vedic society

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