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02 Jan

Soma & Haoma

Soma & Haoma
The fermented juice of the plant called Soma appears to have been the only intoxicating drink used in Vedic times So much were the ancient Aryans addicted to this drink, that Soma was soon worshipped as a deity both in India and in Iran (under the name Haoma in the latter country), and we find one entire Mandala, or Book, of the Rig-Veda, dedicated to this deity
They are various Vedic gods taken together as a whole headed by Indra 70 hymns are dedicated to Visvedevas in Rig-Veda
Ashwins or Ashwinikumars
Light and Darkness naturally suggested to the early Aryans the idea of twin gods The sky (Vivasvat) is the father, and the Dawn (Saranyu) is the mother of the twin Ashwins and the legend goes on to say that Saranyu ran away from Vivasvat before she gave birth to the twins There is a similar legend in Greek mythology, where and Erinnys (corresponding to Saranyu) ran away from her lover, and gave birth to Areion and Despoina The original idea is that the Dawn and Gloaming disappears, and gives birth to Light and to Darkness
Please note that later, Aswins lost thier original charecter and simply became the physician gods, responsible for healing of the sick and the wounded, tending mortals with kindness There are other twins Yama and Yami, who are kids of same parents – the Dawn and Sky They also acquired different chareters in Rig Veda

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