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02 Jan


Yama is considered to have been the first mortal who died and espied the way to the celestial abodes, and in virtue of precedence, he became the ruler of the departed He is the guardian of the world of Dead His twin sister is Yami and both Yama and Yami are Children of Surya Yamini means Night and Yami is also known as Yamuna
Usha has been described as far – extending, many – tinted, brilliant Dawn, whose abode is unknown She harnesses her chariots from afar and comes in radiance and glory She is the young, the white-robed daughter of the sky, and the queen of all earthly treasures She is like the careful mistress of the house who rouses everyone from his slumbers and sends him to his work Yet she is radiant as a bride decorated by her mother for the auspicious ceremony, and displaying her charms to the view
Such are the fond epithets and beautiful similes with which the Hindu Aryans greeted the fresh and lovely mornings of a tropical sky
Other Rig Vedic Gods
Pusan: The guardian of the Jungle Paths and Roads
Aditi – Goddess of Eternity
Gandhrava – Divine Musicians
Rbhus – three semi divine deities of Rig-Veda
Rudra – Archer of Gods
Aranyanai – Goddess of Forests
Usha – Goddess of Dawn
Prithvi – Goddess Earth

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