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17 Dec


Outline of Vedic Literature
The glory of Aryans is in their literature The Vedic texts were composed in Sanskrit and orally transmitted for many centuries before they were finally written down During this transition from oral to written versions, the language also evolved from what was known as Vedic Sanskrit to Classical Sanskrit

In the later scriptures, the country of Aryans is also designated as Aryavarta The boundaries of Aryavarta included parts of Modern Afghanistan, Punjab and Sindh of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and northern India up to Vindhyan mountains Rig-Vedic Aryans had not established settlements in the southern India The Ganga and the mountains of the Vindhya were the barriers not easy to cross in those days
Geographical entities in Rig-Vedic Texts
A total of 31 rivers have been mentioned in Rig-Vedic hymns, most of which belong to Indus, Ganga and lost Saraswati system The rivers south to Vindhyas have not been mentioned Among mountains, they have mentioned Himalayas, Arjika, Mujavant, Silament (Suleman range) etc They have not mentioned the land south of Yamuna, not even Vindhya or Satpura ranges The Shatapatha brahamana mentioned eastern and western oceans
Further, Vedic Aryans were rural and nomadic, so no important cities have been mentioned The places were known only by name of the tribes which controlled them

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