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17 Dec

The Extent of Vedic Civilization: Sapta Sindhu, Brahmavarta and Aryavarta……

The Sapta Saindhavas country of the Rig Vedic period was bounded by the Himalayas and modern Tibet in the east, Turkistan in the north, Afghanistan, in the west and the Aravallis in the south
BrahmavartaThe geographical regions mentioned in Rig-veda include Sapta Sindhuva, Panchanada, Madhydesa and Praki These were perhaps the first references to the emergence of regions The geographical location of these regions suggests that the Indo- Aryans preferred to settle down along the banks of Indus and its tributaries (Panchanada) Further south-east, the land between Saraswati and Drishadvati (Ghagghar) was called Brahmavarta On the periphery of these plains lie the alluvial basins of the Gomti (Gomal), Krumu (Kurrum) and Kubha (Kabul) in afghanistan This was the geographical extent of the Vedic Aryan settlements The further southward migration led them to Madhyadesa region

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